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Rebekah's South Florida

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The great variety of real estate properties here in South Florida is just a small picture of what our lifestyle here offers. We work hard, and play even harder! Whatever your idea of fun is, we’ve got you covered. I personally could not imagine living without the lake or ocean nearby… So let’s find the perfect property that suits you.

The Brief

Rebekah Hall was born and raised in South Florida. Starting out in Tampa, then moving to the coastline to eventually setting roots in her hometown of Lake Okeechobee, she had the pleasure to grow up in that Southern culture environment. From enjoying fishing trips on the fresh water lakes to spending weekends on both coastlines, Rebekah loves everything that South Florida has to offer and takes pride in calling it her home.

The Solution

One Task world first phone detection system is able to detect illegal mobile phone use with unrivaled accuracy. Using state of the art video systems One Task is able to provide meaningful traffic analysis for local and state Government. OneTask’s team are experts in the application of neural networks to solve challenging modern problems.

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