Krazy Cup Munchies Bar

Branding + Website Design

Krazy Cup Munchies Bar is well established store that provide services of custom self chosen cravings. The website provides the whole knowledge about what krazy cup is. The menu the timing the show and the address its all right there in front of you. The funky theme that matches the brand was the challanging part in this website and handled pretty well.

The Brief

The krazy cup is the place where you can go and place the order of the eatables that you want design the cup as the customer want and with the stuff as the customer wants. Many items are shown to you and you choose what size and stuff do you want in craving and at the end you take the picture with the cup and post it to social media and enjoy the cup.

The Solution

The Solution of crazy cup was to present the whole features that krazy cup delivers So user could see the price as well as the place to go to. The timing and address is given in the website. Krazy cup is also hiring new staff and for that they have provided the feature to give details and upload CV in the website.

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